Shipping and Order Infomation


Shipping is a nightmare. Except for single movies in Canada and USA our shipping rates are changing daily. Canada Post and Purolator have also added "higher than normal volume" shipping fees, and "peak time" shipping fees on top of the gasloine surcharge. It's just beyond what what automated shipping can handle. So I have to spend all my time updating the shipping or we can do shipping on an order by order bases and spend more time entering items into the site. It's an easy choice.

Please e-mail us [email protected]  for shipping your rate.  

Payments: PayPal has dropped more shipments than have gone through. So we are moving to an invoice system, where we will e-mail you a total. We do bank e-transfers, PayPal payment requests, we now have Square (still learning how to use it) which has some options. For locals we do a lot of pick up and pay in store.

Christmas Shipping Dates
Every year we post the send by dates once we can confrim them from Canada Post. These are the mail by dates from Canada Post for you item to arrive in time for Dec. 25, 2022 which also give you a guildline for next year. Please e-mail us [email protected] about shipping rates, so we can give you the most up to date infomation.

   Xpress Post  Air Parcels / Packets  Regular / Surface Parcels
 Canada  Dec. 16  Not Available  Dec. 11
 USA  Dec. 14  Dec. 10  Not Available
 Europe  Dec. 2  Dec. 1  Oct. 26
 Asia  Dec. 2  Dec. 1  Oct. 1
 Australia  Dec. 2  Dec. 1  Oct. 1
 New Zealand  Dec. 2  Dec. 1  Oct. 1
 Central / South America  Dec. 2  Dec. 1  Oct. 14
 Caribbean  Dec. 2  Dec. 1  Oct. 14
 Africa  Dec. 2  Nov. 26  Oct. 1
 Middle East  Dec. 2  Dec. 1  Oct. 1


Of course earlier is better, just in case Mother Nature has her own ideas about how long it will take.