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     The logonbooks came from starting out as a used book store with a couple thousand VHS movies to rent on the other half. Over the last 2 and a half decades we've moved twice and shifted the focus of store to adjust to the times, many times. We still remember our roots of books and movies and both are available here. Just go to to title search or categories to start searching. With more items added weekly, the collection is always changing. 

Logan Lake Video and Books is in the middle of down town Logan Lake. We sell books, movies, ice-cream. The gourmet fudge and most of the popcorn are made in store with the rest made in our Merritt store. Can get much more local than that. We have over 4000 movies for rent in store and over 2000 movies for sale with about 95% of them listed on this site.


Looking for the most popular titles? We post our top 10 New Release Rentals for the week on our face book page and in store. Stop in and check it out. 
You can follow what is going on with Logan Lake Video and Books by liking them on face book. 

About our New Release Sections

The section header is a quick description of the type of movie. This should make it easier to find a movie when you only know what your in the mood for or to find something similar to what you've enjoyed before.

Family and adventure movies, kid safe but not just for kids. Adventure movies are aimed at older children. 

Life stories, romantic comedies, lighter dramas and "chick flicks" too. 

Comedies. Any comedy that doesn't fit in another section.

Action, some sci-fi and war movies what some call "guy movies"

Cop thrillers, crime dramas, heist films and some spy movies

Dramas, character driven stores, biographies. A lot of award winners.

Thrillers, lighter horrors and some sci-fi 

Horror, slasher and the comedy / horrors with more blood to them.

Special Movie Orders

We've found movies, TV shows, mini series and just about anything else that could come on DVD and blu-ray. Simply use the Offline Search Service. Give us the title and preferred format (ex. DVD). Then add as much of the following information to narrow the search: year, studio, lead actors, director etc. We'll get back to you with availability and price.

Call 250-523-9874 to reserve or order.