The Sweet Spot in Movie Experts

Inside both our stores you'll find The Sweet Spot in Movie Experts. All the fudge and gourmet popcorn are made right in The Sweet Spot. Plus we scoop hard ice cream

Merritt Movie Experts
1976 Voght St.
Merritt, B.C.

Logan Lake Video and Books
71-111 Chartrand Ave.
Logan Lake, B.C.

May 2016 we launched The Sweet Spot in Merritt Movie Experts. For several years Merritt Movie Experts served ice-cream, with it growing a little bit each year. We decided to expand and to do something to make the treats a little less seasonal. After months of searching, deciding, debating and a little bit of fate stepping in, we bought the equipment to make our own fudge and popcorn. Add one major renovation and The Sweet Spot was born.  In December 2017, we had to move Merritt store, this meant revamping our display layouts and kitchen. Summer of 2019 we moved our Logan Lake store and added a kitchen. It's a lot of work but we are proud of what we've done so far and looking forward to growing into you favourite place for treats. You can follow what is going on with The Sweet Spot in Merritt Movie Experts by liking us on face book. 

What's the Scoop

We have Foothills hard ice cream available to scoop all year.  We make our own fudge waffle cones. We also offer ice-cream floats and bowls of ice-cream. So if you don't like a cone you have a choice.  

Oh Fudge!

Mother's Day 2016 weekend we started making fudge in store. We use Calico Fudge's recipes which is a kettle fudge made with real butter and cream. We also use real fruit in many of our fruit flavoured fudges. As the head cook, I aim to make decadent fudges. If you're going to have a treat, enjoy a real treat.

What's Poppin'

Well if ice-cream and fudge aren't you thing, how about popcorn? You may have tried our yummy theater popcorn but we also make gourmet popcorns right in store.  Try our candied and kettle corns.

Candied popcorn, we make our own candy then coated the popcorn with it. So all those bright colours are also flavours. Candied types are low in salt but higher in sugar. 

Kettle corns have less sugar then a candied. They are also easier to make in vegan version. So far we have figured out a few recepies of kettle corns including Sweet & Salty, 5 Alarm, and Coffee.