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I'm not sure what "normal" will look like. Covid19 and it's restrictions effected everyone, especially in the arts which is still having repercussions (seen concert ticket prices ?). We can agree 2020 did not go well. 2021 wasn't much better especially as we had to deal with forest fires, floods and evacuations. 2022 was slow and not the "rebound" we were looking for, with inflation not helping. 2023 has already had good and bad. People still love movies, fingers crossed we get the support we need to keep going and evolving and being a "video store" for many years to come


True Video Stores are getting harder to find. There is still something special about getting out, browsing the shelves and picking movies to watch. And it's always better when you can share the picking experience with family and friends. We're working hard to make movie night an experience you look forward to, whether you rent or buy your hard copy movies.


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We're bringing the FUN back into the stores. We know we have the movies and treats but we need you to discover us. So I've decorated Logan Lake Video and Books to make it more inviting. I find myself taking parts down and adding new things a little a time as the seasons shift. We've also got colouring sheets again, some instore and some you can download the PDF. When you're coming in take time to check out all the things we do.  Snap a selfie and show off our unique store to your friends because unless they are coming in they are not going to believe you found a video store :-)