About our Stores 

In 2002 we started logonbooks.com. The domain name was a bit of an accident, we thought we put loganbooks.com in one of our three requested names. But a little typo changed it and we were shock that no one else had logonbooks, so we snapped it up. We've been though ups and downs learning how to run a on-line store. The worst of which was losing our entire data base of books, thank god for backups and very understanding computer technicians. But you learn from your mistakes (and successes) and we are still learning.

Logan Lake Books is the "store front" part book store with over 4,000 used books currently in stock (in store) mostly fiction. When you walk into the store you may think "where are all the books", we have stuffed them into every shelf available, from above the dvds to under the front windows. Not all the books list on the site are in the store and there are books in the store that are not listed on the site. It's a matter of room and time, there is never enough time to do everything so we do our best.

We are Logan Lake Video (the life blood of our store) which is why we have previously viewed movies for sale on site. Logan Lake Video has been the anchor to everything we have done in Logan Lake since July 1996.  The store has taken on many forms to survive so we have some oddball bits that you wouldn't find in a "normal" book / video store. 

We have a sister store in Merritt: Merritt Movie Experts, like all "little" sisters it is bigger (about 3x) then the older store. They have an even bigger selection of previously viewed movies but you have to go in store to check them out. This is the Merritt, I talk about in the up dates and has been a huge focus for us since it started in October 2007.


Where We Are

Like you can't google us but we are more than just a spot on the map. Logan Lake is at the cross roads between Kamloops, Merritt, Ashcroft and Savona (Tunkwa Lake). We are both out of the way and in the center of things. Lovely small town located in the heart of some of the finest fishing and cross country skiing in an area justly famed for these things. Established in 1970, Logan Lake is a lot younger that the towns around us, so we lack the 100 year history that they have, but we're working on it. If you're on a tour, buying trip, or even a real holiday, drop in and see us.


Why Shop With Us

In a on-line world with millions of choices, you have a lot of power in your shopping. Maybe you just look for the lowest price but maybe you want more out of that power.

We're running a small business in a small town, which in itself is a challenge. I am told at least once a week we are in a business that is dying because so many bookstores and video stores have closed. I know people still love movies and books, on-line is one way we can reach those people, so we can keep our store alive. We work the golden rule into our business by treating customers, the way we would like to be treated, with politeness and respect. We believe and do reuse and recycle where ever we can, we mainly rent and sell used items to start with. So your purchase might not get shipped in a new envelope, but we wrap it up so it will survive Canada Post. We're not perfect, we make mistakes but we take responsibility and do what we can to fix. These things shouldn't be rare in business but by the response I get from some of my customers, not everyone does this. Old fashion values always seem to be in demand even in the "new" online world.